Cub Scout Uniforms



The Cub Scout uniform is an important part of being a Cub Scout. Wearing it lets people know that the wearer is part of the Boy Scouts of America in addition to their den and pack! The official uniform should be worn to den meetings, pack meetings, and any special Scouting activities. When you wear the full Cub Scout uniform, it shows you are a member of the team. 

Wearing uniforms has been a method of the Scouting movement from the beginning. Decades of experience show uniforming to have these benefits:

  • Equality. The uniform represents a democratic ideal of equality. Cub Scouts from various cultures and different economic levels wear the same uniform and cooperate as equals.

  • Identification. The uniform identifies a youth as a member of the Cub Scouts. Badges on the uniform tell other members that they belong to their den, pack, and council. The uniform itself identifies a good citizen to the entire community.

  • Achievement. The uniform displays badges and other awards so the accomplishments of each Cub Scout can be immediately recognized.

  • Commitment. Wearing a uniform is a constant reminder to each Cub Scout of their commitment to the ideals and purposes of Cub Scouting: duty to God, loyalty to country, and helpfulness to others.

For these reasons all parents should emphasize to their Scouts the importance of wearing the correct and complete uniform.  The uniform is a key method to getting the full benefits of the program.


The official uniform for Lion Cub Scouts includes blue Cub Scout pants or shorts and Lion T-shirt as well as the Lion neckerchief.

Lion Uniform
Lion Neckerchief


The official uniform for Cub Scouts includes blue Cub Scout pants or shorts and shirt with insignia for your rank. Each rank has its own cap, neckerchief and slide in the rank colors and a belt buckle to be worn with the blue Cub Scout belt as shown below:

Cub Scout Girls Uniform
Cub Scout Uniform
Tiger Scout Uniform

Tiger Cub Scout Cap, Neckerchief and Slide

Wolf Scout Uniform

Wolf Cub Scout Cap, Neckerchief and Slide

Bear Scout Uniform

Bear Cub Scout Cap, Neckerchief and Slide


Webelos Scouts may choose between two uniforms. One is the blue uniform worn as a Tiger, Wolf, or Bear Scout. The other is the uniform for Boy Scouting—the tan Boy Scout shirt and olive green trousers with the Boy Scout olive green belt and belt buckle. A boy and his family choose which uniform you’ll wear.

Webelos Uniform
Webelos Uniform

Webelos Scout Cap, Neckerchief, Slide and Belt Buckle

Patch Placements

Patch Placements
Patch Placements
Patch Placement
Patch Placement
Patch Placement
Jersey Shore Council Patch

Jersey Shore Council Patch

Pack #7

Pack Numerals

What’s new or different about the

Scouts BSA uniform?

  • The Scouts BSA uniform shirt comes in sizes and cuts for women and girls.

  • New uniform pants for women and girls can be rolled up at the leg to be worn as capri pants. Women and girls can also purchase the current, switchback-style uniform pants that zip off at the knee.

  • The new shirt is tan and features a BSA fleur-de-lis emblem and the letters “BSA” in red over the right pocket. The existing inventory of tan shirts, with “BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA” in red over the right pocket, will be available until they’re all sold out.

New BSA Shirt
Capri BSA Pants