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Cub Scouts is a year-round program that offers fun activities that promote character and leadership development. Our program is designed to be hands-on, and parents are encouraged to play an active role in our programs.
Scouting embraces the outdoors through camping, hiking and water sports. We also focus on helping our communities through service projects, STEM development and building confident kids through our wide range of activities. The Cub Scout program is designed to develop physical, mental and emotional fitness. Fitness includes the body (well-tuned and healthy), the mind (able to think and solve problems), and the emotions (self-control, courage, and self-respect).

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Outdoor Programs

Outdoor adventure is the promise made to boys and girls when they join Scouting. Scouts yearn for outdoor programs that stir their imagination and interest. In the outdoors, boys and girls have opportunities to acquire skills that make them more self-reliant. They can explore canoe and hiking trails and complete challenges they first thought were beyond their ability. Attributes of good character become part of a scout as he/she learns to cooperate to meet outdoor challenges that may include extreme weather, difficult trails and portages, and dealing with nature’s unexpected circumstances. Scouts plan and carry out activities with thoughtful guidance from their Cubmaster and other adult leaders. Good youth leadership, communication, and teamwork enable them to achieve goals they have set for themselves and their pack.
Learning by doing is a hallmark of outdoor education. Unit meetings offer information and knowledge used on outdoor adventures each month throughout the year. A leader may describe and demonstrate a Scouting skill at a meeting, but the way Scouts truly learn outdoor skills is to do it themselves on a pack outing.


Advancements and  how they work...

Cub Scouts work adventures that are specific to their grade.  A number of required and elective adventures are needed to meet the requirements to earn the badge of rank for each grade level.  There are required adventures and elective adventures each has a recognition item. Kindergarten through third grade have adventure loops that are worn on their belts.  Fourth and fifth-graders have adventure pins that are worn on their Webelos Colors or on their hat.  Adventure loops and pins fulfill a method of Scouting which is how the aims of; character, citizenship, leadership, and physical fitness. 

New Cub Scout Handbooks
Receiving Award

Den leaders, Cubmasters, and their assistants conduct meetings implementing the three steps in Cub Scout advancement: preparation, qualification, and recognition. Four separate den leader guides—one each for the Tiger, Wolf, and Bear programs, and one combined for Webelos and Arrow of Light—explain the mechanics for doing so while helping to maximize advancement. Den meetings—ideally two per month, one of which may include an outing—follow a traditional school year and are designed to result in advancement for all boys and girls. Elective adventure plans provide flexibility for dens that meet more often and facilitate summertime den activities or adjustments for different school schedules. To achieve a full experience and the greatest impact, “do-at-home projects” challenge and encourage parents and scouts to work together. ​

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