Hook Arrow Shell Info Sheet for New Units



Hook Arrow Shell is a weekend Camporee where your dens will be given a schedule to travel through camp with their leaders while they participate in BB gun shooting, Archery, Low C.O.P.E. and Flag Football stations. In addition to their scheduled stations they can go fishing in the lake, play volleyball, shoot slingshots and race the cardboard canoes they could build. What follows is a rough schedule for the weekend and a helpful list of what to expect.




  • Check inbegins at 5:00 PM at Camp Citta.
    • Your Unit cannot be assigned to a campsite and “move in” until the Unit Leader has arrived and a complete roster is filled out. The roster tells us who is physically in camp so that, in case of an emergency, we know how many heads to count. If anyone leaves camp for any reason, they need to sign out in the Ranger’s office. If your families arrive before you, they will need to wait for the designated leader to register them.
    • There are no scheduled activities for Cubs on Friday night but there is a Mandatory Leaders’ Meeting at 9pm to fill all the leaders in on the schedule and any changes to expect on Saturday. Events which require signups will be registered for at the leaders’ meeting.




  • Opening Ceremony will take place on the parade field at about 8:15 AM. Any families arriving for the day should arrive by 8:15am to register in the Ranger’s office. Cubs should wear Class B uniforms and every Unit should bring their flags to the parade field. Instructions will be given and any changes will be announced.
  • Cardboard Canoe Race
    • If your Unit chooses to build a boat made from only Card Board and Duct Tape they should do so BEFORE they come to Camp since there is no scheduled time to build boats there. Trophies are awarded for fastest boat for Cubs, Webelos and Troops.
    • Council Fire
      • We will have a Council Fire in the evening and every Unit is encouraged to perform a Skit, Song or Stunt. You must write your Skit, Song or Stunt on a slip of paper and put it in the Ranger’s mail box by Noon on Saturday to be considered. If you are performing one of the more popular pieces, please put down an alternate. We will inform you if you need to use your “Plan B” performance. The Council Fire is a Class A event.




  • There are no activities planned for Sunday.
  • Check Out
    • Only ONE truck is allowed back to the campsite to pick up the Unit’s gear. When you have packed out of your site please contact the designated staff to come and approve that your site is empty and clean of trash.





  • There will be a hot dog, chips and soda lunch available for purchase for $3.00 for lunch on Saturday but no other meals are provided.


  • Your unit will need to bring all their own cooking equipment.


  • Potable Water will be available in every campsite for cooking and cleaning.


  • Please remind your families to bring reusable water bottles. We will have water jugs placed around camp and everyone should be encouraged to bring and refill their water bottles to stay hydrated.


  • If your Unit plans to go fishing please bring poles and bait of your choosing. The lake and paths will be ready for you, but you need your own equipment.